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Need a source for microfiber wet mops in GA (Georgia) or FL (Florida)? You've arrived at the right website.

Microfiber Wet Mops are designed to quickly and thoroughly clean the floor surface. They feature a split microfiber face yarn that is looped, with an inner layer of high-density foam and a hook and loop backing. Microfiber mops clean with less effort, less chemicals and less water Practice green cleaning with our microfiber mops. Instead of using disposable mop pads, use microfiber, which can last for hundreds of washings. Microfiber wet mops are great for cleaning hardwood floors and tile floors, for pet hair removal and for removing scuff marks. Since microfiber mops work great with just water you can eliminate the use of chemicals and practice more environmentally friendly cleaning.

When used in healthcare, the chemical and labor savings can be significant. For cleaning patient rooms, the environmental services department uses one pad per room. This will cut down on nosocomial infections compared with using a conventional wet mop, which is usually used in several patient rooms before being changed. The flat mop's ergonomic design is lighter, easier to use, reduces worker fatigue and can help prevent workers comp claims. You will also cut down greatly on the use of disinfectants since you won’t be constantly refilling mop buckets.

Put your mind at ease. Place an order today and we'll ship the mops to you in a maximum of 2 days.

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MICROWETMOP20 N/A Blue Microfiber Wet Mop 20 oz. N/A 20 oz N/A Any Chief Wet Mop Handle N/A 1 Each N/A 1 lb
MICROWETMOPTUBE N/A Blue Microfiber Wet Mop Tube Style N/A 20 oz N/A Any Chief Wet Mop Handle N/A 1 Each N/A 1 lb
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