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Featuring a drop bar for quick change of mop heads, the stirrup is available in two sizes. The heavy duty holder is 7" wide while the junior version has a 6" opening. Both tools are zinc plated for rust resistance. Available with wood, fiberglass or aluminum handle or hardware only.with wood handle, the fiberglass handle, or hardware only.
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HANDSTIRSTWO11/8 N/A Standard Stirup on 1-1/8" x 60" Wood N/A N/A Wood N/A 1 Each
HANDSTIRSTFBGYE N/A Standard Stirrup on Yellow FBG N/A Yellow N/A Fiberglass (FBG) N/A 1 Each
HANDSTIRSTFBGBL N/A Standard Stirrup on Blue FBG N/A Blue N/A Fiberglass (FBG) N/A 1 Each
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