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  • Wide Headband Wet Mops

    NEW! Chief Clean's Wide Headband Wet Mops: Designed For Durability and Reinforced For Strength! Now offered in addition to our fine line of handles and frames, Chief Clean features mops constructed from cotton / blended yarns and premium filaments.

    • Durable and Long Lasing for Heavy Industrial Use
    • End Looped for Maximum Absorbency
    • Wide Array of Colors
    • Various Sizes
    • Packed 12 Per Box
    Camlock: Chief Clean's Camlock wet mop head features a locking lever designed to handle all size mops. It is available in our standard size which is made of heavy gauged powder coated steel in a black or silver color. The standard Camlock is available on a 1-1/8" diameter wood handle.

    Metal Stirrup: Featuring a drop bar for quick change of mop heads, the stirrup is available in two sizes. The heavy duty holder is 7" wide while the junior version has a 5" opening. With a silver finish, this tool fits either 15/16" or 1-1/8" handle. It is available on fiberglass or wood handles or as hardware only.

    Mop Mate: Chief Clean's Mop Mate wet mop head is made of a high impact synthetic resin that is chemical and corrosion resistant. The Mop Mate features a side gate allowing for easy change of mops. Our Mop Mate comes in a variety of colors with a choice of collett connector or rivet style. It is available as a head only or assembled on a 15/16" diameter wood, fiberglass, or aluminum handle.

    Jaws Mate: Chief Clean's Jaws Mate is available in black or yellow with a collette connector or rivet style. Its unique design features tightening jaws that are adjusted by a hand operated screwing grip. The Jaws Mate is constructed of a high impact synthetic resin that is chemical and corrosion resistant. It is available as a head only or connected to a 15/16" or 1" wood, fiberglass, or aluminum handle.

  • Powder Coated Series Tandem Frames
  • Commercial Laundry Bags - Colors

    Rugged Nylon and Poly-Cotton Laundry Bags from Chief Clean: Choose from either 100% Nylon or Poly-Cotton Bags for use with our popular folding Bagstand. Designed and constructed to provide convenient handling and long life.

    • Plastic Tube Locks and 2 Loops
    • 100% Nylon or Poly-Cotton
    • Standard 30" Wide x 40" High
    • Packed 50 Per Box, White or Assorted Colors
    Bagstand: The bagstand, made of 5/16" wire, is available in two heights, 31" and 25". It is adjustable to fit most laundry bags, and it folds flat for storage and economical shipping. It is finished in silver or black powder coating to prevent corrosion.

    U Bagstand: Similar to the standard bagstand, the U Bagstand is made of 5/16" wire and stands 31" tall. The unique U shape design is rigid and does not collapse. It is finished in silver or black powder coating.

    Hangerstand: The hangerstand is made of 1/4" wire and measures 30" tall. It is designed to provide a neat, space saving method to accommodate most sizes of industrial wire hangers. It is finished in silver or black powder coating.

    StackRight Hangerstand: Introducing another innovative solution to our customers... StackRight Hangerstand
    • Prevent Hanger Entanglement
    • Eliminate Labor Cost for Sorting Tangled Hangers
    • Hooks All Face Same Direction